Privacy Notice:

Attention all visitors this notice is a disclosure about data collecting software currently activated on this site with the sole purpose of user data collection services. Please read carefully and completely.


Dated for January 27, 2020

     It is required by law that I inform you of the use of data collecting software on my site, offer you the option to deny collection of your data, and if you should choose to do so, instruct you on how to opt-out of the data collection process. The word data refers to individual pieces of information that may be used individually or collectively. For analytical purposes, all data will be used on my site collectively. I must specify the type of software employed on my site. The software consists of six tracking cookies. beginning with the preference cookie. This cookie records data associated with changes to site and page settings initiated by the user. For example, a change to the location setting is data that will be collected by this cookie to help create better options for user interaction. Next, the security cookie is activated when a user inputs personal credentials into forms such as payment information. This helps prevent unauthorized use of information. The processes cookie collects data that reflects how well the site is performing on search engines, and as an online entity. For example, the processes cookie collects data that shows page load times, and activity based on ads. The behavior cookie collects data to show how users interact with the site. Behavior is considered page views, button clicks, and entrances/exits to the site. The advertising cookie collects data that how the site is navigated to. This helps Google and site owners create more relevant ads online. The analytics cookie collects aggregated data and renders it to google analytics for general reports in addition to the information provided by the other cookies. All data collected is done so by my analytics service provider, "Google Analytics", with whom I have a legally binding agreement to collect user information solely to gain insight on the site's performance and ranking status.

     I also have integrated "Google Ads" into my site's monitoring services. "Google Ads " like "Google Analytics" collects data but for remarketing purposes. Remarketing means that google will attempt to make my ads more visible to you during your search activity online. Google will display ads on pages you visit based on your search and click behavior. Although no personally identifying data is collected, the software will automatically generate a profile based on your search queries on google and assume personal interest. Such activity performed on the  "Google Search" engine and Google Search affiliate platforms are collected to increase ad exposure. Your name, social security number, date of birth, address, phone number, marital status, photos, employment status, financial status, or anything that can be used to identify you will never be disclosed to me or any of the google services that I have employed. However, data that does help me to create content more relevant to my site's content is available for use by me at my discretion. This includes age, gender, general user locations; city, country, device information; whether the device is mobile, desktop or tablet, browser names if available, provider/service name if available, how many times you visited the site, length of visit, days, times, etc., unless you opt-out or specifically request that your data is not collected. 

     In addition to the above disclosures, I am required to meet the standards of the California Consumer Privacy Act, Implemented into effect on January 1, 2020. This law although originated in California stipulates all online businesses must comply with its regulations. The first regulation requires that you, the users, are informed about the use of your data.  Your data will only be collected as part of group-oriented categories. You are considered a user and a part of the collection process once you are connected to the site either by clicking an ad, a link found on social media,  in an email sent to you from the site, or any other means of navigation. Once you are considered on-site, viewing any page on the site, your data; such as browser information, location status, time, and user status is counted as a visit to the site.

     Your data will never be sold, even if you decide to share your name and email for account registration. Your d/o/b, address, phone number, or gender will never be requested for account registration. Under no circumstances, shall any information shared confidentially with me, now or in the future, be shared with Google or any other third party affiliates I chose to associate with.

     The use of forms on my site is confidential and no one has access to the information entered on the forms but myself, sole legal representative for the site. Google services record form submissions as single action units and does not extract information from the forms for site analysis.

     Just below this paragraph, you will find the necessary link to opt-out of data sharing according to the rules of the C.C.P.A and Google Analytics. You will also see additional information for more options to prevent data collection participation. To conclude this notice I will provide the site's official contact email if further assistance is needed during the opt-out process. 

Thank you for your patronage;

Site Administrator


Google has an opt-out extension you can access at

You can also change the cookies setting in your browser to disable cookies.
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Update to the privacy notice:

Dated February 3, 2020

     Attention all visitors; members and non-members.

This update to the privacy notice is to inform

you of a new tracking feature; "User_id". 

Activated on my site 1/31/2020, this software is a

feature of Google Analytics that aggregates user

activity including user visits and attributes one

automatic, system-generated profile or user_id per

visitor, with or without an active membership.

     The purpose of this software is to assign all of a visitor's

activity to one analytical profile so that user interaction can 

be better monitored. 

     The types of data collected include, but is

not limited to, sessions date and time of each visit,

navigation to and from the site, pages viewed, button clicks, etc.  

     The user id is configured by what Google Analytics

considers to be the first visit to the site. Your email is not

used to generate the id. However, your login information

for the site may be used in future data collecting processes

once you become a member of the site for better data


     In order to receive permission from google analytics

to use this feature, I had to agree to give proper notice to you.

Therefore, at this time this excerpt will serve as the official notice

as required by the official rules stipulated in the terms of use in the Google Analytics privacy policy. It may be implemented

into the main notice in the future.  


Thank you for your participation and cooperation.
Site Administrator.