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Our current focus is on getting a well balanced routine that includes nutrition and exercise. New posts coming soon that offer trends for healthy diets ; including recipes and workouts.

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I hope the new year so far has been rewarding. I look forward to sharing the wonderful experiences in store for all of us in 2022. Fyi, the second annual, Self Love event is scheduled to begin, February 1, 2022. This year's theme, "Perspective: Learning to Look at Me". Join in on all the fun, informative, and creative content that help sustain a routine of self love and care, resulting in greater happiness, health, and wellness. Love and Light.

New post on Facebook, promoting our support of the wellness industry. Look for other post that support regular healthy habits and living.

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Natural Eccentricity. As always, love and light. Blogger 2022.

Our goal is to incorporate tools that support health and wellbeing. This will integrate ancient philosophy from all cultures and lifestyles. Look for historic practices from Buddhist, Ayurveda, Arabic, and other ancient cultures.

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Here at Natural Eccentricity, the agenda is a simple one, to become a place visitors can return to regularly with an expectation of satisfaction. As a host of services, resources, and communities, the chances of finding something of value by each visitor is highly probable. I hope you will continue to visit the site, and check out the constantly changing content within the blog, video library, and all of the other wonderful features available. Sincerely, Blogger 2021.